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useful online services

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Today I want to write about two useful services I found some time ago. And as result, I use these services now.

    You may register any username (will be used as name for sub-domain at and all mails which will be sent to this subdomain, automatically will be forwarded to your email address. For example, you registered as smith with your standard email [email protected]. Now any mails to [email protected], [email protected] etc will be forwarded to [email protected].
    You do not need create these aliases (aaa or anytext). These aliases will be created automatically when first message will be received by 33mail.comIn any time you may “cancel” any from used aliases and the mails (which will be sent to this address) will be returned with error (address not exist)As result, you may hide your real email address and use this service on some sites where email is required but you do not want to share your real address.
    For example, you need send some files to another person. You may send these files by email but please note that usually the mail servers have some limitations (size of attachment, content etc).
    If you have the own site, you may upload these files to some remote directory (maybe add the protections with login and password if files are private) and send the link to download these file to your recipient(s).This service allow online to define the list of recipients, your email address and list of files with short text (like subject). As result, the recipient will receive the email with link(s) to download the file and you’ll get the notification when file(s) will be downloaded.

    The limited version (no more than 2Gb in one message) is absolutelly free.



Sunday, December 7th, 2014

New ShowMemoText property to display the memo content in cell (without height changes)

SMImport and BIFF4

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

In SMImport I added the support for old xlw-workbooks with XLSR_SHEETHDR biff record (supported in BIFF4 only for sheetnames) instead XLSR_BOUNDSHEET